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What you need to know most about Bryan is this; he cares. He proudly wears his Generation X unpringing on his sleeve but understands all too well, age has put limits on what his generation can do for the world. As a child of the 80s he was brought up on Saturday morning cartoons, Nintendo and the uncut entertainment that only the winning trifecta of Showtime, Cinemax, and HBO could provide. He loved books and film and worked to understand the deeper level of how stories themselves are put together. Anyone can create a story, he thought, but how does it connect with an audience? Is this all there is? Are there no original stories left to tell? In the early days, these were the things that kept him up at night.

Later, his ambition would lead to the most important question, how to change the face of storytelling. It's been a long road since those days, but it turns out Bryan may just have an answer. In Janurary, 2013, USA Today mentioned his first book: Original Plots: The Unified Field Theory of Storytelling. At the time, that meant his name and book title in 3 million papers across the United States. Overnight fame covered the young author like a warm blanket. What is next? The story isn't over. Stick around. Your new favorite author is just getting started.

He currently lives in Indianapolis, IN.

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